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"Dreams and Imagination behind Inventions." -- Ayman Rahhal

Utah is one of the busiest states when it comes to patents and trademarks. Despite being the 35th most populous of all the US states and territories, Utah comes in 23th for patent applications and 25th for trademark applications. With recent reports suggesting that Utah is one of the most business friendly states, one of the most stable economies and fastest to rebound after recessions, we expect a lot more companies to relocate or start in Utah.

Thousands of great ideas, every year, never materialize. Very few people follow up with their ideas. Many times people don’t have the ambition or knowledge to turn an idea into a product or a service. This site provides information and advice to help inventors in Utah turn that dream into a reality. We believe that inventors should have the resources to do as much as possible on their own, until it comes time to speak with a patent or trademark attorney. UtahInventor.com is dedicated to giving Utah inventors and product developers a foundation of knowledge to help them achieve their dream. We do not give any legal advice regarding patents or trademarks. We can refer you to a highly rated Trademark Attorney in Utah, if you need.

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Top 5 things invented in Utah.

Utah is home to some of the most curious and important inventions in the world. Its trend of being an innovator continues to this day. Lets take a moment to reflect on the top five things that have ever been invented in Utah. 5) Fry Sauce- If you don’t live in... read more


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